Последние новости FAI: руководство по безопасности полетов

Dear Friends,

Ten days ago, the CIVL Plenary approved the Safety Management System.


It is now for CIVL the official system working internationally. But the most significant step will be that your national federation also sets it up. A safety commission is probably set in your country, and for those who already have a comprehensive safety program, it could be just a new name to your own system.

Maybe the newest item is the school/club levels and their safety manager. That should be the most efficient source of reports, which should result in significant measures and improvements.

The main idea of the SMS is its safety culture: all pilots must be involved and "play the game".

I hope you'll be as convinced as your CIVL Delegates were. Don't hesitate to advertise on that system...

Fly safe,

Raymond Caux

CIVL Safety Officer

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